MAXIGlide Hair Straightener / Straightening Flat Iron by Maxius

The first option to straighten hair is to simply grab the blow dryer and hair brush. This tried and true method is difficult, time consuming, and not for the weak. One must pull the hair tightly with the brush while the dryer runs slowly over the curly hair. While this method may requre the least equipment, it is long, tedious, and rarely produces silky, straight hair.

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The next method is to use a straightening gel or serum. This option, combined with the blow dryer, will help you achieve straight hair. Again, this method is time consuming and will not always give you the straight hair you are after.

Perhaps the best method to straighten your hair is to use the Maxiglide hair straightening flat iron. The Maxi-Glide will run around $100 and is worth every penny. The new Maxiglide Hair Straightener by Maxius Beauty promises great results fast, and promises to straighten even the curliest hair.

Maxiglide has even just released a smaller version of their flat iron. The new Mini Glide is a more compact verion of the original MaxiGlide and is great for travelling. Online Information has more info about the MiniGlide, so look at our other resources.

For the easiest hair straightening experience at home, check out the Maxiglide hair straightener from places such as Maxius Beauty has also recently launched their own ecommerce site where you can buy the original Maxiglide by Maxius.

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