MiniGlide Hair Straightener - All the Straight, Half the Package

Keeping your curls under control when you are on the go can be a difficult task. In a pinch, it is tough to get out the blow dryer and brush or to lug around a bulkier model hair iron. Now, you don't need to sacrifice your beauty or time anymore thans to the new MiniGlide hair straightener by Maxius.

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Maxius Beauty, the creators of the original Maxiglide hair straightener, have given the solution to all the curly girls out there. The new MiniGlide packs the same straightening punch as the original Maxiglide at half the size and half the price. No need to sacrifice your straight hair when you are on the road for business or pleasure. You don't need to take up half of your bag with straightening products either.

Using the MiniGlide is just like the original Maxiglide. In a matter of seconds, you can get that one tough curl or the whole job done. For convenience without sacrifice, check out the MiniGlide hair straightener.

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