Anti Spam for Lotus & Exchange Server

Beyond being offensive and annoying; spam also causes loss of productivity, decreases bandwidth, and costs companies big bucks. Every smart business which uses email must take measures in order to block spam from entering their systems. Although it might not be possible to block out all spam, blocking only a large portion of spam will greatly reduce its harmful effects.

To effectively filter out spam and junk mail, your anti spam must be able to distinguish spam from legitimate messages. To do this we need to identify typical spam practices and characteristics. Once these are known, anti spam measures can be implemented for Lotus or Exchnage Server to block these messages.

It is a constant battle. Spammers are continually improving their spam tactics, so it is important to keep up to date on new anti spam practices from time to time to ensure spam is still being blocked effectively.

For more information on anti spam for Lotus or exchange server, take a look around Online Info or the websites of the main providers of anti spam software.

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Anti Spam for Lotus & Exchange Server

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