Emeril Recipes - Give Dessert Some 'Bam!

Wanna end your meal with a bang? Do it with some 'BAM!' with the help of Emeril's recipes for the best desserts you'll ever taste. Emeril Lagasse's recipes for desserts are often immitated, never duplicated, and always delicious. Think that these recipes are too tough for you in your kitchen, think again.


You can tackle any of Emeril's dessert recipes yourself, all you need is the roadmap and the tools. For the roadmap, check out the great selection of free Emeril recipes available at ShopAtHomeTV.com. You can also find the right tools at ShopAtHomeTV.com in the form of Emerilware cookware. With the recipes at your fingertips and Emerilware on the stove, you will have all of your diners licking their lips and asking for seconds.

Don't be afraid. Take on any of Emeril's recipes as a little project and you will have fun following the master and end up with a great end to a wonderful dinner.

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Emeril Recipes - Give Dessert Some 'Bam!

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