Emerilware Cookware - From Emeril's Kitchen

Since his debut to the world in the 1990's Emeril Lagasse has built a culinary empire and brought his kitchen recipes into your home. Now, Emeril gives you the chance to bring more than just his recipes to the dinner table. Emerilware, Emeril's cookware line that has just recently hit the market, let's you cook Emeril's recipes with Emeril's kicten utensils.


Emerilware cookware is made from the best of stainless kitchen materials. Currently, Emerilware is available online exclusively at ShopAtHomeTV.com's Emeril's Kicten. The offers right now are great, with combination kitchen packages giving you everything from your saucepots to your frying pans.

You love watching Emeril cook his recipes on his show. Cook along and know you can get similar results because you are using the same cookware that Emeril uses himself. If Emerilware is good enough for Emeril Lagasse's kitchen, it should be great for yours.


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Emerilware Cookware - From Emeril's Kitchen

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